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What are internet ad networks and how do we use them? The answer depends on which end of the ad you want to be on I suppose. Let’s look at the selling end of the advertising.


We all know that pay per click advertising (PPC) and banner advertising with the major networks such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing costs a lot of money. How about if you become the pay per click advertiser broker to your own website or somebody else’s website.


This software allows you to change how you offer advertising to the searcher that finds your website.


The software will allow you to sell from reputable dealers such as AmazonJC Penny,, Macy’s, Home Shopping Network, Wal-Mart, EBay, Target, etc. to directly target your selected niche.


Instead of offering website owners, your ad networks, will allow you to produce targeted text ads, which at times can be massively off their target, or the products that are related to what they are reading and what they were searching for online.




For Instance, if they want a specific digital camera, you give them the opportunity to set parameters to find the one they want, and then you take them right to that product, with your affiliate link attached.


You can set up affiliate programs with ad networks listed above. Then this ad network software shows you exactly where to place your ads to derive the most traffic based on your niche you selected.


This is actually 3-in-1 software. The first part shows you how to set up your link with the retailer(s) you choose. The second part of the software shows you exactly where to place your ad to get a high traffic flow which is needed for success. The third part shows you how to select the highest demand products offered by the retailer which will increase your traffic.


So in the end, this is great software to get your ad networks started. For more information, CLICK HERE.



Ad Networks




Where Can I get Amazon Gift Cards? Right here! These make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, special events, any reason you like. You can order you amazon gift card any hour of the day you like.

Forgot that special occasion? My Dad’s birthday is tomorrow and I forgot it! He loves to shop at Amazon, but where can I get an amazon gift card and how am I going to get it to him by tomorrow? Right here! They are deliverable by email, and usable online, no plastic. E-card gifts are great.

How would you like to open an email and find an amazon gift card inside worth $100 to spend right away? The e-card selection allows you to choose from a multitude of occasions, birthday, holidays, thank you weddings, anniversary, graduation, baby showers, retirement, etc.

Where can I get amazon gifts cards to send to my son, daughter, relative, or friend in the military? Right here. They even have a military style e-card to send to military personnel. These e-cards are a great idea and they allow you to shop, buy, and send all from the comfort of your home with the low prices, safety, security, and reliability of amazon.

When you order your amazon gift card, you get to add your own special note to the e-card, select the delivery date, select the dollar amount you want, and you can even upload a photo to the e-card to make the e-card a very special and personal message. You can even add a product upload suggestion to the amazon gift card. Thought you might like this… and a picture of the product will be there with a link.

Amazon gift cards are a great way to send a gift to someone for any occasion. Since you have the ability to add a special message, select the date in advance, and personalize with a photo, the e-card then becomes a very personal email and gift, and not just another gift card. With the select date option, you can do multiple orders at one time, and select all the appropriate dates to arrive in their email inbox on the date of the occasion. Never forget an important event again.

So where can I get amazon gift cards today? CLICK HERE NOW.


Where Do I get An Amazon Gift Card





Affiliates look no more for a great program with residual income. There is a concept operating that will allow you to compete with the big pay per click advertisers.

Become a traffic broker today. Every time I have ever heard the word broker, I always stop to look at it. Why? Because brokers inherently make a lot of money, whether you are brokering mattresses, widgets, or traffic on the internet.

None of us (typically), have the money to compete with the huge pay per click advertisers that are out there today. But, what if I introduced you to a system that allows you to become the broker, and the pay per click advertiser?

Affiliates, the traffic broker concept is simple. The software has great tools including an easy to use dashboard, as well as a large list of vendors who advertise through traffic brokers. So how this works is you pick an item you want to sell an ad on, let’s say widgets.

Then you go to the dashboard, and type in widgets and the software will pull 100 online sites at a time that are relevant to the ad you are trying to sell. We will say it pulls 100 sites that sell online hardware. You can pull as many relevant sites as you like.

So, you then contact the site administrator, and make him or her an offer they cannot refuse. You place the ad on the site, and then every time someone clicks on the ad, you get a commission. Imagine if you got one site with a page rank of 6 to list one ad. You potentially could get thousands of clicks per month with plenty of residual monthly income from that ad every month. You are not paid for the sale, just for the click.

So affiliates, you then ask, well why in the world would an online store with a page rank of 6 want to run my ad? The answer is simple, the owner of the site gets paid, just like in AdSense with one huge difference, the owner gets paid about 3 times or more what AdSense pays for one click. So let’s say he is making .10 cents per click. By the website owner running your ad, he is now making .30 cents per click and you are making a commission also. In fact the website owner gets 2/3 of the total commission and you get 1/3 of the total commission for being the ad broker.

It would not take many of these ads on several different pages running to make a lot of money. And you are on autopilot after the ad is running; you keep getting paid, and then move on to the next. So affiliates, click here to try this program out with a 60 day money back guarantee if you decide it is not for you.


What is affiliate marketing?


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a source of income. For Instance, I have a plant that makes 1,000 Widgets per day. I sell these Widgets to hardware stores and you want to become an affiliate.

Well, for generic purposes, let’s say each Widget sells at $1.00 at market. I am selling to every source I can find for .60 cents per widget. Then you want to become an affiliate and get an answer to what is affiliate marketing. Well, you purport to be able to double my volume of sells through your connections.


So we agree to collaborate, I will sell the Widgets to you for .60 cents each, you will introduce new recipients to the product, and increase sales. So you sell my Widgets at .63 cents each to vendors as an affiliate of my Widget company. You can only resell the Widget at .63 cents per unit. The ultimate profit to you is .03 cents per unit.


Then, all of the sudden, I have orders for Widgets, that went from 1,000 per day to 5,000 per day, because of you. So, I decide to increase you profit margin as follows: due to the increased production, I can sell you Widgets for .50 cents per unit, so your profits went up .13 cent per unit.


So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you take my product – Widgets, in this case, and resell it. I make a profit, you make a profit, and the seller makes a profit.

Everything we purchase today in 2012, has element and degree of this concept. For instance, the corn you ate tonight started at the farmer, was brokered by the agricultural specialist, and wound up in the store where you bought it.

What offers , is the same principle. So unlike most claims, you have a 60 day money back guarantee.

So try it out today. 60 day money back offer what do you have to loose.




Kindle Fire Best Buy


Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

 Read some of the reviews on the kindle fire best buy.

 “I absolutely love my new Kindle Fire. The apps, the web, the games I play, the books I read, all of them function extremely well. The battery time is pretty good, the quality of the color graphics is excellent considering this is Kindle’s first real attempt at a color screen. Volume on videos seems to vary from one to the other. Biggest complaint is how heavy it is, which if reading while holding for a long time can become a bit cumbersomeOverall, an excellent product, highly recommend for anyone who wants a tablet and electronic reader all in one!” Author: JayW1225


I took my Kindle Fire out of the box and I had a hard time putting it down. This is a fantastic device. The screen is a good size and has great picture, very clear and bright. Plenty of apps are available and access to all of Amazon’s digital content at your fingertips. If you keep music in your cloud drive, you can listen to it on the Kindle Fire whenever you are in a place that has a wi-fi connection. Also Amazon Prime members get unlimited streaming of thousands of TV shows and such. In addition to all the books available for purchase there are hundreds of free ones, I check out the free books every day to see what new ones they have put up. My Kindle Fire goes everywhere I go, I don’t know how I lived without it for so long. 

The one and only thing I wish it had: removable SD storage, but honestly, everything else about the device is wonderful so I find that I don’t really mind that much. But it would be a nice little add-on. Author: Ceb111481


I have used a Nook 3g/Wifi for the past year and a half, however my husband surprised me with a Kindle Fire for my birthday. I have used my Kindle Fire more in just the past month than I ever used my Nook. It is amazing. I also love that with my Prime Membership I can “borrow” one book a month and watch the streaming free movies/television shows that are included in the Prime deal. Another added benefit to the Kindle Fire over the “e-ink” nook is that I do not need a light to read my book at night. I just set the background to black with white text and reading is as easy if not easier than it was with my nook. Great product at a great price. I love my Kindle Fire!! Author: Shell6a

Author review source powered by Amazon.

The Kindle fire best buy and these reviews and more reviews can be found at this link: CLICK HERE!

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